Advantages and Disadvantages of Playing With a Live Dealer

Live online casinos are one of the latest trends in the gambling industry. Multiple software developers have created live versions of certain table games like baccarat, craps, and blackjack. So far the response was positive, and players really seem to enjoy this content. However, live dealer games have their pros and cons, and it’s perfectly understandable if there are those who don’t see the appeal. So, let’s see what makes them so good, and also why some players aren’t too interested in playing them.

More Authentic and Social Experience

Ever since their inception, online casinos Australia tried to make this entertainment more accessible, but also to recreate the experience of luxurious casinos. One of the main appeals behind live dealer games is feeling like you are in a real casino. The game uses real-time streaming technology to allow players to interact with a real person or dealer on the other side. As a result, the whole experience is more social and fun. The main thing that is missing from online casino entertainment is the social element or dynamic, and live dealer content addressed that problem well.

Slower Pace

Another reason some players prefer live dealer content is the slower pace. There is nothing wrong with fully automated games if you are only playing for fun and relying on luck, but some play using strategy. A good example is blackjack, it can be really advantageous if you know how to count cards. In a normal blackjack, the cards are going too fast, so it’s difficult to memorize them, but in a live dealer version that’s not the case. It’s also easier to use a guide when playing a slower game, which again increases the odds of winning.

Games are Expensive to Host

One of the flaws of the live dealer content is that they are more expensive to host, compared to purely digital content. You need a few dealers for each table, as they need to take shifts. This causes a more limited selection of content, and if tables are filled you must wait on your turn.

Since there are only a few games available, and you cannot freely switch from one to another like you can in a real casino. The fact that there can be a cue creates this fear of missing out, so players sometimes prolong their game session out of fear they won’t be able to rejoin if they switch to something else.

Getting Disconnected

Using real-time streaming consumes more bandwidth, and your connection can become unstable. Getting disconnected from the live game can be troublesome, as you might not be able to return if someone else takes your place. Moreover, it’s extremely frustrating if it happens during the game where you already wagered money.


These were some of the pros and cons of live dealer games. Ultimately it’s a good thing they are there, and hopefully, casinos will add more. These experiences are definitely more memorable than just playing a regular game online. Moreover, you get to interact with other players and meet new people.

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