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Paysafe is one of the most trusted payment methods used for online transactions. There are many online casinos in Australia with Paysafe option to deposit money for gambling. In comparison to other banking methods like credit cards and bank transfers, Paysafecard is quite prompt with its withdrawals and deposits as it is prepaid. It also protects user identity as anyone can put money into gambling by just buying a prepaid Paysafecard.

This article will help Australian punters know about the different perks that Paysafe online casinos offer and provide you with authentic information that will make your gambling experience much safer and more enjoyable.

Australian Online Casinos With Paysafecard
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Paysafe casinos For Australian Punters

The Internet has been around for around more than two decades now, but many people still have reservations about online business. paysafecard casino

There are several quick and simple ways to deposit and withdraw money, but their security is frequently questioned. Paysafecard is one of the safest options available for cash transactions in casinos in Australia as it does notrequire registration or a bank account. After all, it is difficult to foresee a security flaw through which anyone may gain access to your funds or personal information.

Depositing Payment Through Paysafe In An Online casino

To deposit the payment into an Australian online casino that accepts Paysafe, you need to follow three simple steps:

  • You need to look for a place in your area that sells Paysafe On the official website of Paysafe, they have mentioned addresses to help you locate the nearest Paysafe outlet that sells prepaid cards. You can also buy the card at an online store.
  • In the store, you will find cards of different values, including £10, £25, £50, £100, etc. Every Paysafe card you buy has a 16 digit pin code that you can use to put money into online gambling sites or mobile casinos with the Paysafecard option
  • When you have the card, go to your preferred online casino, select Paysafecard as your deposit method, and enter the amount and the 16-digit code.

This process does not require any registration that asks for your personal information like mobile number, address, or credit card details. Other than the card you buy, you don’t have to pay anything for using this service.

If you are a regular user of Paysafecard, you can also use another option to manage all your pins together. You can register for the Paysafecard service online and store all of your PINs in a single account called My Paysafecard. My Paysafecard account allows you to see how much money is in your PINs and deposit money without having to input a 16-digit number repeatedly.

After registering with the Paysafecard service, you can transfer funds or make purchases online using your login name and password, just like you would with other e-wallets. You are also eligible for MY PLUS reward club benefits and incentives. Registration for MyPaysafe account is completely free and does not involve any credit checks.

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Withdrawing Money From A Paysafe casino

Aussie gamblers can only use Paysafe cards for online casinos with Paysafe option for making deposits, not withdrawals. Paysafe casinos use many other withdrawal methods like credit cards, debit cards, other e-wallets, etc. Where this can be seen as a disadvantage of using Paysafecard, the safety and security feature and its being user-friendly outweighs this.

Service charges

There are three small fees listed on the Paysafecard website in the “Fees & Limits” section:

  • A monthly maintenance fee deducted from the value of PINs 2 months after the purchase of a PIN, i.e., from the 13th month onwards;
  • A redeemable fee is charged when you ask Paysafecard for a cash refund
  • A conversion fee deductible from the value of PINs if a transaction involves conversion into foreign currency

There is a maximum amount per transaction mentioned on the Paysafe website, after which a fee is applicable.

Pros Of Using Paysafecard For Gambling

Convenient And User-Friendly

Paysafe is a multi-national company and has an excellent reputation in the market. It has around 650,000 outlets worldwide from where you can buy Paysafecard. Worldwide there are around 3500 Paysafecard online casinos, and dozens of them operate in Australia. This makes it super convenient and a more approachable payment method in exchange for cash.

Risk-free Transactions

The online casino industry is a risky business to put money in, so having a safe method of deposit that prevents fraud and minimizes cost is favourable for Australian punters.

Paysafecard is also straightforward as it only requires the user to enter the pin into the casino website. This prevents the hassle of going through problems of online banking, transaction difficulties.

Responsible Gambling

This method also helps the punter make an informed choice and stick to their money without ending up with tons of debt.

Prompt Services

Paysafecard has a very minimal transaction time. Funds deposited through Paysafecard are available to use on the casino online with the Paysafecard option. Aussie gamblers can start betting as soon as they put in the pin code on the website.

MY Paysafe To Help You Store Your Pins

If you create your MY Paysafe account, you can quickly transfer funds to other e-wallets available to use in Australia. You can download Paysafecard mobile application on both IOS and Android devices, making your Paysafecard pins easy to store.

The Cons Of Gambling Using Paysafecard

Aussie gamblers can safely use Paysafe to deposit their gambling money into an online casino, but there are also some negative sides to this method.

No Option Of Withdrawal

First of all, they have to use other time-consuming methods of withdrawing their winnings as Paysafe does not have this facility. This problem can make them switch to more direct payment methods like bank transfer which wouldn’t protect their anonymity.

No Loans

Some gamblers may not like that they can’t take a loan while gambling when they use Paysafe cards. This prevents them from putting in a higher bid due to economic restraints.

Fixed Amounts Only

Similarly, Paysafe cards allow you only to put a fixed amount of money in casino sites that accept Paysafe. To place higher bids, you need to get a large number of cards which may seem like a hassle to some.

Paysafecard casino Bonuses

Many casinos in Australia and other parts of the world not only accept Paysafe deposits but also provide Paysafecard casino bonus as rewards. Newbies at gambling receive great welcome bonuses when they make their first deposits through Paysafe cards. Other Paysafe casino rewards include up to 100 free spins on slots, up to 100% cashback, and other rewards constituting hundreds of Australian dollars.

Some Paysafe casinos also offer No Deposit rewards to get beginners started. The reward bonuses include free spins, small cash bonuses, etc., which you can avail even without making your first deposit.

Customer Support For Punters That Use Paysafe Cards

Paysafe provides excellent customer service to its users with Live chat and a dedicated FAQ section for problems during transactions and those with MyPaysafe accounts. You can contact the Paysafe customer using the contact numbers or email addresses mentioned on their website. Their representatives are very responsive towards queries and complaints and provide solutions to all your problems. Most Paysafecard casinos in Australia also offer a detailed guide about making payments through Paysafe


Paysafecards are a safe and secure payment option to make online casino deposits. Anonymity is often vital for gamblers to prevent data theft, which is ensured through this hassle-free process. Despite the drawbacks like no withdrawals, many people trust this payment method to make deposits in Paysafecard online casinos in Australia.

Online casinos with Paysafe are easier to put money in and ensure responsible investment while gambling. In short, keeping in mind the security features, user accessibility, and other features, we surely recommend Paysafe cards for casino deposits.


How can we get a Paysafe Card?

You can get a Paysafe card from any of your nearest supermarket or petrol pump convenience stores. To find the nearest outlet to get your Paysafe card, visit their official website.

Is a Paysafecard safe to use for casino deposits?

Paysafe is one of the safest options to use for casino deposits in online casinos that accept Paysafecard. Using a Paysafe prepaid card protects user anonymity and does not require personal information unless you create a MyPaysafe account.

Are there any hidden charges or commissions associated with payment using Paysafe?

For paying using Paysafe, you only need to pay for the card you buy in-store. There are no commission or transaction charges associated with this method of payment. However, there is a transaction limit to which it can result in extra charges if you do not adhere.

Can you withdraw your casino winnings using Paysafe?

As Paysafe is a prepaid card, it does not let you withdraw your winnings. To withdraw from an online casino with Paysafecard option, you have to use other withdrawal methods, e.g., bank transfer. You can still send money to other e-wallets if you have a registered MyPaysafe account. Paysafecard casino sites offer a great variety of options for withdrawal.

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