How To Win On Pokies Australia: Advanced Guide

Interested in a fun, easy, and money-winning game? Then online pokies are your best bet. Whether you're a first-timer or a longtime player, learning how to win pokies Australia is an opportunity that can't be missed. Like other casino games, there are several hacks on how to win pokies. Of course, winning isn't always guaranteed, but you could at least learn how to increase your chances. While learning tips and strategies are great, you need to be ready for a lot of practice. In this article on how to win money on pokies, our team of experts will essentially help you separate the shaft from the seed. We'll cover online pokies machines, tips and concepts to learn, and general strategies on how to win at pokies in Australia.
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How to Win on Pokies Australia

Right before we delve into these tips on how to win big on the pokies, it must be said that pokies are usually designed for the house, and this is why it’s essential for the player to apply their own strategy even if it requires a lot of self-discipline and to win pokies

For how to win on the pokies In Australia, you must, first of all, know that pokie machines are typically designed with video displays to simulate reels. They also give second-screen features where you can access bonuses and free games.

By Austalian gambling law, these machines are programmed to pay a certain amount to players over a period. Therefore, there’s no algorithm you’re required to apply in other to win at pokies.

Most pokie machines typically offer a payout of 90 — 95% if played long enough. So how exactly then do you increase your chances of winning at pokies? Below we’ve outlines several tips to help achieve this.

Tips on How to Win Money at Pokies

Play for Free

An important tip for how to win the pokies or increase your chances of winning is to get enough practice by playing a lot. So, start out by playing for free at first. This way, you don’t risk your funds, but instead, familiarize yourself with the different pokie game types and backgrounds.

If you’re interested in playing for free, you can play several online pokies game and enjoy their wide range of gameplay and bonus rounds.

Be Clear-headed

For how to win online pokies, you require not only self-discipline but a certain level of focus. While playing pokies could be a form of entertainment for you, if your objective is to make money then you must remain alert.

Avoid any form of distractions, be it conversations, alcohol, or even a bad mood so as to maximize your playing time and increase your chances of winning. Remember, you need these strategies to win at pokies and will forget them if distracted.


As already highlighted above, pokies is meant to favour the house i.e, the owners. Thus, you must establish how much you’re willing to spend even before you start playing. There are several ways to do your budgeting but you can try the method of determining the amount per session and not just the amount for the bulk.

E.g., if you hope to play 10 sessions and have 50 AUD, it means you’ll only spend 5 AUD per session. If any session is seemingly going beyond 5 AUD, you must end it and start another. This plan also ensures that you do not waste your winnings in case you win a jackpot.

Set a limit

This is a top tip if you’re wondering how to play pokies and win. Though it’s tricky as it not only applies to losses but winnings too. Choose an amount lower than the budget as your loss limit as you don’t want to go beyond your budget for whatever reasons. For winnings, you can choose to double your stake or if the jackpot is big enough, you could choose to call it a day.

If you’re losing, you should also be able to walk away. This is why playing pokies requires discipline. You can’t afford to let your emotions guide you here. You must be prepared to take some time off and return after getting your head together, or alltogether call it a day and return some other time.

Complicated Games Limit your Chances

One of the benefits of playing for free and getting experience is that you’re familiar with games. This familiarity allows you to learn games that are for you and the ones you don’t like. Even better, they open you up to the level of difficulty in certain games.

The more complicated a game is, the harder for you to hit. If you want to learn how to win on the pokies, then only play games that you’re good at.

Higher Costs, Higher Chances

Naturally, pokie machines that cost more money to play offer you higher chances of winning. Thus, the odds of winning with a machine that accepts pennies is lower than that which accepts 1 AUD. Hence, a great tip for how to win a pokies jackpot is by playing high denomination machines.

This tip works hand in hand with budgeting as it becomes easier to exhaust your budget when you spend larger denominations. A way out would be to plan your budget ahead of time using a higher costing machine.

Take Advantage of Machines with Free spins

Yes, playing rounds at zero cost for the same opportunity to win big is a big plus. They allow you to stick to your budget while enjoying more game play, offer you the chance to win more, and allow you to practice more and familiarize yourself with the game, etc.

In some cases, this free spin incentive could even be more lucrative for the player as there are no limitations and the jackpot earning could be very generous.

For how to win in pokies, You can access pokies machines with free spin bonus games in most online casinos, as well as on the casino floor even though you might need to do some research work ahead of time to figure out which machines to play.

Play Machines with Bonus Rounds

Pokies machines, whether online or physically, offer different bonus rounds. These bonus rounds could offer different jackpot sizes and influence your decision over what games to play. So, make sure to familiarize yourself with the game ahead of time to avoid any surprises.

Some bonus rounds are at random, while some require you to find a number of symbols or unlock several levels to be granted access to the bonus game rounds. Your wins in bonus game rounds are usually added up, so this is a great way to excel at pokies.

Important Concepts For How To Win Pokies Australia

Asides from the basic player tips mentioned above, there are some other special concepts that can teach you how to win on online pokies.

  • Learn and Understand paylines: This is one of the most crucial aspects when it comes to playing pokies. Be it online or a physical casino, paylines work the same way. They help boost your win rate, but with them come an issue — because the combinations increase with more paylines, it’s usually impossible to play all the lines.The way to hit the jackpot is by placing a maximum bet on all paylines. Hence, when deciding what pokies game to play, do well to choose one whose maximum bet and number of paylines fall within your budget.So when playing your next pokies, bet a single coin again and again (to increase the multiplier effect and ensure your jackpot is huge when hit), then bet the maximum amount on all paylines and enjoy your winnings.
  • Return To Percentage: This next part covers the Return to Player, and refers to the percentage of money put into the machine that will eventually be paid out to players. Usually, online pokies machines have a higher RTP ( as high as 98%) compared to a traditional casino — in fact, some offer only about 75%.This percentage isn’t hidden and is monitored by a regulatory body. The information is readily available whether online or on the casino floor and so should influence your decision when it comes to choosing a machine.The higher the RTP of a machine, the higher your chances of winning.
  • Pokie Volatility: This helps you to assess risk. The lower the pokie volatility, the higher the win rate (but smaller the payouts). If you’d rather win a sizable amount, even if it’s less often, then you should play a game with higher volatility.As opposed to RTP, where the casino offers the information readily, pokie volatility is only realized by doing your own research. You can search for reviews on a particular game or play free games to calculate the win rate and if the payouts are small or big.A good tip is that majority of the classic pokies game are highly volatile. They also have fewer features and bonuses.  For how to win big on pokies, choose a game with volatility that suits you.


Pokies machines are designed to remit a certain amount over a period, so there’s no necessary skill required for winning. While the odds of winning at a pokies game generally favour the house, players also get to hit it big.

For how to win pokies Australia, you need to be clear-headed, play for free to get practice, avoid complicated games, have a budget with a set win and loss limit, play high denominational machines that offer bonus rounds and free spins, choose a machine with high RTP, and play maximum bets on all number of paylines.

Pokies is meant to be a fun and entertaining game with an opportunity to win money while at it. So, take advantage of the tips above on how to win a major jackpot on pokies.

How to Win Pokies Australia FAQ

How To Win Pokies Machine?

There is absolutely no way to trick a pokie machine, at least not legally. These machines are designed in such a way that they only pay out a certain amount over a period of time. So no matter what you do, the machine won't pay out more than it's required to within a particular time frame. Instead of trying to play tricks, place a maximum bet on all paylines, thus increasing your chances of winning a huge jackpot.

huge jackpot. How Do You Pick a Winning Pokie Machine?

Things to note when picking a machine include: higher denomination machines offer you a higher chance of winning, making maximum bets on a number of paylines will guarantee you maximum jackpots if they enter, machines with higher RTP mean a higher chance of winning — for this reason we advise you to play pokies online as they are typically higher than those in the physical casino (sometimes up to 8% more). So when you find a machine like this, keep betting a single coin till you hear the reels wiggle. This wiggle means a jackpot is on its way. Now, place the maximum bet and win big.

How To Win Pokies Every Time?

You can't win at pokies every time. There's a need for the house to win sometimes, although there's a guarantee that players get to benefit too. This is because Pokies are regulated by certain bodies that ensure that the agreed RTP is maintained. Getting a machine with higher RTP could increase your chances of winning, as it means within a certain period, most of the money put in there will be returned to players.

The Best Pokie Game in Australia?

Your go-to is a progressive poker game. These games are usually generous in terms of earnings. If you hit a jackpot, you can bet it's the type of money to have you calling it a day. There are several pokies that offer Aussies as much as seven-figure wins.

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