Top 10 Most Gambling Countries in the World

When we talk about gambling and casinos we immediately think of Las Vegas. However, people gamble all over the world, and they do it both online and offline. Ironically, the town or country that made gambling a big part of pop culture, isn’t even in the top 5 places with the highest activity. So let’s see what are the countries where people gamble the most.


Australians love to wager on sports and to play pokies at the highest paying online casinos. They also have the highest average of money spent or losses on gambling, around $1,128 per user. As expected they also have the highest rate of problem gamblers. In the time period between 2006 and 2010, over 900 people decided to exclude themselves from these activities. These same gamblers also breached this ban on numerous occasions.


Singapore opened its first casino relatively recently, more precisely in 2010. Yet in such a short time period they managed to become one of the top gambling countries. Many find this worrisome, and the government has increased the entrance fee for gambling to over $80 in order to discourage this behavior. Losses per adult in Singapore are around $1,174.


The UK is among the first regions to start regulating online casinos and sports betting, and only companies registered in Ireland can offer this form of entertainment. The Irish love to bet on sports play slots, and they also love poker. Due to high interest in gambling companies are eager to register here as it is a prolific market for them.


Canada also tops these charts, and for a good reason. Almost 75% of Canadians spend money on gambling, whether it is sports betting, lottery, or online casino games. So far the lottery is the most popular and their government has even taken steps to discourage people from buying lottery tickets.


In Finland, over 40% of the adult population gambles regularly or on a weekly basis. A decade ago the legal age for gambling was raised from 15 to 18, to prevent teens from developing these habits. Moreover, their national internet casinos offer paybacks to loyal users, if those users are struggling with gambling addiction.


Poker is the main reason why Italians love luck-based games. In fact, their poker team consists of some of the best players in the world. Casinos are also a part of their national heritage as they have one that was around since the 17th century. An adult Italian spends around $500 on this form of entertainment.


You might think that Nevada is the central gaming hub in the US, but that’s only for casino games. The USA mainly generates revenue from sports betting and fantasy sports. Online casinos are only available in a few states, and as businesses, they are forbidden in the US.


More than 30% of people in the UK gambles once a week. Their market is constantly growing, and that’s mainly thanks to sports betting. Half of the teams from the Premier League are sponsored by casinos or sports betting companies, which definitely plays a major role in this equation.


One of the biggest gambling hubs in entire Europe is Cyprus, and it clearly has a strong influence on Greece. The lottery is the most popular form of entertainment, but poker and casino games have a huge fan base here as well.

Hong Kong

Gambling is almost completely banned in China, so a single company from Hong Kong has an incredible user base. They mainly play the lottery and place bets, and their average annual spending is limited to $500.

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